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Mighty Movers

The program was developed by Mike Miller, M Ed., BSL, CST and TACFIT Instructor. His unique experience of physical training and work with Autistic individuals inspired him to create a program as unique as the individuals who will use it.

Mighty Movers is a fitness program that was developed for teens and children on the Autism spectrum. The unfortunate reality is that there are few physical training programs available for this unique population. The reason this is “unfortunate” is because there are so many health benefits that these kids are missing out on if not involved in regular physical activity.

The program itself will include an initial assessment with the client and a caregiver to get a good understanding of where the client is starting at and any barriers or special considerations the trainer will need to know about.  From this information a program will be developed for the individual client.


The training itself will be based on the Circular Strength Training system. CST is a movement sophistication system; using increasingly complex movements to build fitness. This includes using common exercise tool, and bodyweight movements that become increasingly sophisticated as physical fitness and coordination improves.​

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