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    Advanced: Athletes over 13 years of age​

This is the full package of speed & agility training combined with an explosive power & strength program for the serious student-athlete. The athlete will be monitored; as athlete-specific programs may be incorporated. Our goal is to make a GOOD athlete into a GREAT athlete.

Mondays-Through Friday 4pm and 7PM


team training 

On and off site!! Speed, Strength, flexibiliy, quickness, agility and team building. Message for pricing and programs. 

Speed & Agility

Ages 7 and up 

Speed, Strength, power, flexibility, running mechanics, quickness, flexibility, confidence, discipline. We create a game , competitive atmosphere to help your star develop mental toughness. Develop Athleticism. 

Monday Through Friday 5 pm 

Speed, Strength, Agility, Quickness

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